Family and the young

The appraisal of job, partnership, family, and the role of women in particular has been exposed to strong fluctuations. infas continuously accompanies the development with its surveys and presents the resulting change and its challenges at an early stage. Classic role models erode increasingly, and the variants of family life, partnership or child care are steadily on the rise.

The contents of a female manager's handbag. infas has a panoramic view primarily of the position of women in society due to its research of the multi-faceted family world. In 1959 women in senior management were almost unconceivable. Even today this topic is not without difficulties: female executives often do without offspring.
The pictured family diary shows: organising everyday family life is complex. Job, housekeeping, school and leisure need to be coordinated. This is demanding – especially for working mothers who are normally involved in all domains. Mummy most likely deserves her "wellness" according to her list of appointments. The objective measurement confirms this assumption.
Children keep external contacts and mirror the family. […] Children are measured a great deal more by consumption standards than their parents. […] Therefore, they often experience disadvantage at school as well as limitation of their leisure activities. […] Eleven percent of wives with children in compulsory school age state that they are not able to pay school trips anymore, and 19 percent cannot provide their children with pocket money. Moreover, 19 percent cannot afford to pay for their children's books resp. learning materials (infas, 1989: Impact of Unemployment on Family and Children).

Subjects of infas research concerning family world:

  • change of the social state and its impact on family structures
  • the role of women within the family
  • reconciliation of work and family life
  • child-rearing and education
  • family and social status


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