Market development

Assured findings, from which precise measures can be deduced – infas market research pursues this objective. infas thus benefits from its distinctive socio-scientific know how as well as from more than 50 years of research experience.

For some topics and on the basis of its long-term experience infas has developed partly standardised research instruments such as:

  • infas KM – monitoring and measuring system for all questions with regard to customer relations for the identification of satisfaction, loyalty and expectations.
  • infas uses an extensive micro-geographic database and combines different research disciplines for regional market research. Thus allowing for addressing customer potentials on a small scale for example.
  • infas service check, an instrument from infas KM, can analyse service performance or even complaint management.
  • Regular infas monitoring surveys in the areas telecommunications, energy and transport: these surveys lead to comprehensive sector data and shed light on trends and developments.


Robert Follmer

Head of Department Market and Transport Research

Tel. +49(0)228/38 22-419