Core Capabilities

infas has extensive experience in developing and managing longitudinal studies, so-called panels. These surveys are being conducted multiple times with the same sample and the same survey instrument - a methodologically sophisticated approach.

Our service for our clients:

  • panel establishment or smooth continuation of existing panels,
  • panel administration,
  • interviews with and support of panel members,
  • necessary strategies to minimise panel attrition,
  • complex longitudinal and cross-sectional weighting of the panel data collected,
  • the complete data preparation and delivery of the survey results in the desired form.

All aspects of a panel study are understood as systematically related measures that are interlocked and interdependent.

The infas panel concepts build on positive field strategies defined in the establishment and subsequent reduction of drop-outs. Specific communication strategies are of particular importance. They establish a panel identity, which binds the participants to the project.

infas also has extensive experience in offering incentives to panel members. On the one hand this promotes the participants' cooperation right from the beginning, and ensures on the other hand that it has no impact whatsoever on their responsiveness.

As one of the few institutions in Germany, infas has been realising numerous, sometimes very comprehensive and complex panel studies, often over many years.