Fields of research at infas

The German infas Institute for Applied Social Sciences conducts empirical studies at home and abroad. Clients include companies, scientific institutions, and state as well as federal ministries. The institute focuses on social research. infas is the largest commercial social science research institute in Germany with this orientation.

Regular infas research topics are:

  • Educational research
  • Labour market and occupational research
  • Health Research
  • Research regarding children, youths, senior citizens, and family
  • Mobility research
  • Human resource and organizational research
  • Trade union and employee research
  • Integration research
  • Participation research
  • Policy research
  • Regional research
  • Opinion research
  • Business and operational research
  • Crime research

infas can rely on experienced scientific experts for the content-related support of these subject areas. As one of very few research institutes in Germany, infas has its own field capacities (CATI, CAPI, online, postal, qualitative) at disposal as well as a comprehensive statistics department.