Companies and enterprises

Entrepreneurial action is a wide range for different disciplines of research. Industry-sociologic issues regarding innovation behaviour, technological change or use of information technologies are included as well as personnel-related issues such as deployment in certain sectors or minimum wage or vocational education and training topics, e.g. in-company continuing education and training.

Surveys with companies respectively enterprises are a particular challenge in empirical research starting with the determination of the universe: Is the universe supposed to consist of companies (sites) or enterprises (resp. divisions)? This decision depends on the issue. Drawing a survey-adequate sample and, not least, also approaching contacts capable of providing information within the companies/enterprises are decisive for field success.

infas carries out surveys with companies resp. enterprises concerning different issues:

  • innovation behaviour in German economy,
  • use of information and telecommunication technologies,
  • sector-specific deployment of personnel,
  • minimum wage in selected sectors,
  • costs and benefits of in-company continuing education and training,
  • qualification requirements,
  • shortage of qualified staff.


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Managing Director
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