Senior citizens and old age

The proportion of older people as well as their life expectancy is continually on the increase in Germany. Both developments result from special demands of economic old-age provision, offered accommodation and transport services, and social inclusion and preventive healthcare of old people.

How to handle age changes as well. Collectively separated age roles do not exist anymore. Individualisation and differentiation apply to old age as well. Differences between the old have never been as significant as today.

Regular topics of research at infas concerning age are:

  • ageing in flux,
  • health and old age,
  • attitude towards mid-adult life,
  • support between generations,
  • familial support in old age,
  • patterns of externalisation of companies and effects on older employees,
  • basic security and societal participation in old age,
  • education in old age,
  • evaluation of supportive measures, e.g. the German "law concerning need-oriented basic income in old age and with reduction in earning capacity".


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