Unions and Employees

Research concerning industrial relations and internal organisation of employees has a long-standing tradition at infas.

The institute already conducted industry-sociological surveys in businesses on behalf of unions in 1963. The seventies and eighties - under the motto of work humanisation - had a special focus on questions of working conditions, indicators of job satisfaction, the change in political awareness of employees as well as the image of unions and participation in public.

Under the influence of technological, economical and geostrategic change, focus is increasingly directed towards changing labour relations, protection of jobs as well as reducing large-scale unemployment and company inequality of wages and employment risks.

infas regularly carries out surveys in the topical area of "unions and organisations", such as:

  • Member surveys for unions and organisations
  • Works' council surveys
  • Employee surveys
  • Image analyses for unions


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Managing Director
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Senior Project Manager
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