Core Capabilities

Communication plays a significant role in all aspects of infas. Be it the research dialogue with the client, in the context of a study with the respondents or in the mediation of examination results. We take the topic seriously and work continuously to optimize our range of communication services.

When creating offers infas meets the highest quality standards - all steps of an empirical investigation, from the conception of the study to the questionnaire creation and sampling up to the survey, evaluation and presentation of results are presented in detail and comprehensible.

We attach great importance to complete study-related communication. In our own interest, because empirical social research requires clarity and transparency from all concerned. Misunderstandings between the actors can have undesirable consequences in the often complex studies that infas performs.

Our transparent communication throughout the research process ensures the trust that clients have in our results. The pure quantitative results reveal nothing about their occurrence. A transparent research process do. A structured exchange of study and instrument development, numerous informative reporting during the survey process and close collusion during the analysis ensure the quality of an examination. At infas, these steps are defined in mandatory inspection points and are an integral part of each study.

As one of only a few social research institutes, infas is certified according to the international standard ISO 20252 for market, opinion and social research by Austrian Standards. In the context of this certificate, particular attention is paid to the transparent and comprehensible communication with all participants in a social science study.