Survey Design

Result communication in empirical studies

Optimally communicate research results to the addressees - whether political decision-makers, management, employees, consumers or the public. This is an important goal to ensure the effectiveness of social science studies.

Already in the conception of an empirical study, there are numerous possibilities to consider later communication. infas has the technical and editorial expertise to effectively communicate study results to the desired addressees.

Empirical studies by infas are often characterized by complex content and sophisticated evaluation methods. Only when the results are presented in a simple and understandable way and understood by non-specialists can an investigation be effective.

When communicating study results infas has the full range of communicative possibilities. From the short chart presentation, via the online preparation, to the comprehensive results report with table book and method section. In addition, infas supports clients in communicating the research results to a larger audience, for example through press work, events or other broad-based communication channels.

Infas's portfolio of results includes:

  • On-site presentations of study results,
  • Results reports, abstracts and management summaries,
  • Method reports on surveys,
  • Chart reports on studies,
  • Implementation workshops in which the results of the study are discussed in detail with the persons responsible for implementation and taken in possible measures.
  • Individually differentiated presentation of results: infas has the technical, content and legal know-how to differentiate results into small units. Special IT solutions allow infas to quickly create hundreds of individual reports or management summaries based on empirical surveys.
  • empirical reports,
  • Online reports on investigations,
  • accompanying press work on empirical studies,
  • study-specific events.