Survey Design

Multimethod studies

With the infas multi-topic survey, we offer a survey instrument that allows the short-term inclusion of several questions with a social science focus. Every month, around 1,000 people aged 18 and over in Germany are interviewed by telephone. The survey is based on a probability sample and is conducted on a dual-frame basis, thus meeting the highest quality standards of empirical social research. Extrapolations to the population are statistically permissible. The infas multi-topic survey is suitable for short social science studies, pretests, prevalence and other preliminary studies.

The infas multi-topic survey comprises a detailed sociodemographic survey section that includes age, gender, marital status, household, education, migration background, religious affiliation, occupational position, household income, etc. The costs of collecting these characteristics are shared among the clients of the survey, which makes the overall package significantly less expensive than a comparable ad hoc individual surveys without any loss of quality.

It is possible to be included in the survey at the beginning of the month. The reviewed questions must be available at least five working days before the beginning of the month. The weighted results are then available five working days after the end of the month. Additional analyses, the import of regional data or chart reports are optionally possible.



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