Survey Design

Option for sampling

Small Area Statistics

Together with the sister company infas 360 GmbH, infas uses small area statistics for sample design as the only social research institute in Germany to date.

Whereas classical sampling provides the basis for reliable statistical statements on large areas, small-scale analyzes require extensive empirical studies, the problem generally being the size of available samples. If these are spatially disaggregated, ie geographically broken down, only small sub-samples with low statistical power are obtained in the subregions, so that the classical statistical estimation methods produce very high standard errors.

Small-scale geographical references and the inclusion of external data allow representative samples to be obtained even for very demanding or complex populations or small-scale analyzes. With Small Area Statistics, specific target groups can be found with significantly reduced screening effort. Last but not least, the reliability and validity of realized surveys can be checked (see also Multidata based studies).

The company's sister infas 360, as a data specialist for geo-reference stock information, provides the required data and analysis for Small Area Statistics, Small Area Methods and Smart Research.