Core Capabilities

In his research, infas uses the entire spectrum of scientifically recognized survey methods: from telephone, face-to-face and online surveys via written questionnaires to qualitative survey tools. We use our own resources and thus ensure consistent quality control.

The social research institute infas is always up-to-date in terms of technical data and methodology. As one of only a few social research institutes, infas is certified according to the international standard ISO 20252 for market, opinion and social research by Austrian Standards.

The data collection processes are subject to uniform standards, which are centrally controlled by a separate sample management system. For each study, infas ensures up-to-the-minute information with the highest level of transparency regarding the status of the data collection work.

Progress in data collection is continuously reported based on the documentation of contact histories. Well-founded analyzes with all participants in the project lead to individually coordinated field and deployment strategies in the field.

Our ultimate goal is the careful processing of a random sample according to methodological standards - with a high degree of exploitation with the lowest possible distortion and the highest data quality.