Survey Design

Exclusive nationwide interviewer staff

Face-to-face surveys (CAPI)

Personal-oral surveys (CAPI) remain the "royal road of empirical research". Especially in combination with the numerous other survey methods, this traditional survey method offers new possibilities and perspectives.

With its own national staff of interviewers, infas carries out extensive ad hoc surveys and sophisticated panel surveys with a wide range of target groups. The interviewers are specially trained to carry out social science studies and even sophisticated surveys (difficult target groups, comprehensive or complex survey tools, B-to-B context) grown.

The main competences of infas for personal-oral interviews include:

  • highly qualified interviewers who are continuously trained and further qualified on the basis of quality indicators;
  • Supervision of interviewers by own quality management team (IQS);
  • Surveys using a laptop, tablet or handheld as Computer Aided Personal Interviews (CAPI), Computer Assisted Self Interviewing (CASI) or classically as Paper-Pencil interviews;
  • complete documentation and traceability of the contacts via electronic contact protocols;
  • flexible implementation of deployment and field strategy measures on the basis of key figures from contact and survey data - also at interviewer level;
  • Any combination with other survey methods;
  • Use of complex survey tools, including cognitive tests, video recordings or physical measuring instruments.