Survey Design

Multimethod studies

infas knows how to combine online, telephone, personal or written interviews as needed. We ask, regardless of which survey channel the respondent prefers.

A study participant does not want to answer the phone, but wants to get up-to-date online? No problem, we send the link. Or the other way around? No topic, we call directly? Or by letter? That too is possible. infas combines survey methods according to your wishes.

As a result, we achieve a higher willingness to participate and higher absorption rates. Because the flexibility to be able to offer different survey methods in parallel pays off. Acceptance and willingness to participate increases. The multimethod approach thus prevents distortions in the survey.

However, the parallel use of different quantitative survey methods in a study is challenging and has implications for sampling, field phase handling, data preparation, weighting and analysis. For this reason, the institute has self-developed tools that have been tested countless times in order to make the simultaneous combination of different survey methods scientifically sound.