Survey Design

Mobile or on the desktop

Online surveys

infas places the same high and proven quality standards on online surveys as it does on offline surveys. In the fast-moving digital sector, constantly new instruments and techniques are being reviewed and used as appropriate.

In the online area, infas pays particular attention to the careful preparation of the survey tool. This is important since respondents, unlike other survey methods, complete an online survey alone and without assistance. Where possible, infas works with well-defined populations and addressable audiences to meet the requirements of representativeness, random selection and non-selective access. In the case of an online access panel investigation, infas will only work with vendors that meet the requirements of the ADM.

At the social research institute infas, online surveys are often used as a multi-method study, ie in the mix of methods. The target group is thus given the opportunity to participate in a study on different channels - an important option in order to increase the willingness to participate.

if required, infas offers the recruitment of target persons via classical survey methods. The competencies of infas for online surveys include:

  • Implementation of the online questionnaire with all online design options,
  • Responsive design for use on mobile devices as well
  • Hosting the online surveys on infas own servers,
  • digital access to different target groups (also via telephone, personal-oral or written-postal pre-screening),
  • any combination of online surveys with other survey methods,
  • in cooperation with the sister company infas 360 optionally small-scale regional localization of the online respondents.