Survey Design

Focus groups, expert discussions, in-depth interviews

Qualitative surveys

Qualitative research belongs to the full-service provider infas as an integral part of the method repertoire. The social research institute infas therefore has both proven instruments and proven experts.

Qualitative surveys are used as an independent procedure, especially in evaluation studies - occasionally, as in the Hartz evaluation study, to a considerable extent. In addition, they are used during the operationalization and preparation phase of studies. They support brainstorming or complement quantitative surveys.

For group discussions or focus groups, infas has experienced, psychologically trained moderators who have many years of experience in various subject areas. infas uses selected studios nationwide in all regions, which meet the requirements in the social science context. During explorative, guideline-based interviews, expert discussions and in-depth interviews, infas conducts long-term interviews or semi-structured interviews in addition to interviews with difficult or demanding target persons. The institute has staff members who can meet all participants (eg top management level) on an equal footing.

infas regularly applies the following qualitative survey methods:

  • Group discussions or focus groups (face-to-face, online),
  • social science expert interviews,
  • Online group discussions and online chats,
  • social science content analysis and desk research,
  • Observation and experiment.