Survey Design

Studios in Bonn, Nuremberg and Luxembourg

Telephone interviews (CATI)

Telephone interviews (CATI) are an important survey tool at infas. The infrastructure of the infas telephone studio comprises 168 CATI stations on a 1,050 m² studio space at the company's location in Bonn and further capacities in Luxembourg.

Interviews over the telephone have a long tradition at infas and are optimally optimized for the new challenges. With the dual-frame approach, infas, for example, counters the replacement of traditional landline connections by mobile communications. The social research institute infas has contributed significantly to the development of this approach, so that now in all population samples mobile phone numbers in the sample | Dual frame to be included. Infas also uses a number of verified procedures in telephone studies to ensure quality and eliminate potential sample bias.

The main competencies of infas for telephone interviews include:

  • highly qualified interview staff, especially for social science studies, who are continuously trained and further qualified on the basis of quality indicators;
  • Interviewer with foreign language skills for study assignments in Germany and abroad;
  • Involvement of the client in all steps of the survey in the telephone studio, i.a. Participation in study-specific interviewer training, pretest and tracking of real-time interviews;
  • Flexible contact management and customized resubmission algorithms to optimize the exploitation of studies;
  • Complete documentation and traceability of the contacts throughout the course of the survey;
  • Flexible implementation of field strategy measures based on key figures from contact and survey data;
  • Any combination with other survey methods.