Core Capabilities

Longitudinal studies (panel studies) and evaluations are considered to be the royal route in social science to investigate complex issues or temporal developments. At the same time, they are demanding research projects.

infas has a wealth of practical experience in building and leading panel studies and longitudinal studies. In these surveys, multiple surveys are carried out with the same sample and the same survey instrument - a methodologically demanding procedure. In contrast to one-time surveys (Adhoc), which determine the status quo as a research question, the panel study allows us to understand changes over time. Panel studies are therefore particularly suited to evaluate the effectiveness of measures such as new legislation or organizational restructuring.

We take over for our clients

  • the construction of the panel study or the smooth continuation of an existing panel,
  • the administration of the panel investigation,
  • the survey and support of the panel participants,
  • necessary strategies to avoid panel mortality,
  • the complex weighting of longitudinal and cross-sectional data collected in the panel study,
  • the complete data preparation and
  • the delivery of the survey results in the desired form.

All aspects of a panel investigation are understood by us as systematically connected measures that are interlinked and interrelated.

infas' panel concepts are based on conclusive field strategies for setting up and later reducing failures. Particular attention is paid to specific communication strategies that build up a panel identity that gives a personal commitment to the project among the participants in the panel study.

We also have great experience in incentivising panelists. This ensures that, on the one hand, it promotes co-operation on the part of the participants right from the start and, on the other hand, that it has no influence on the response behavior.

As one of only a few social research institutes in Germany, infas realizes numerous, sometimes very comprehensive and complex panel studies, many of them over many years.