Core Capabilities

In addition to classical statistical analysis procedures that are part of infa's daily practice, our statistics department is constantly looking for new procedures, examining them and integrating them into their portfolio.

An efficient statistics department at infas ensures that the empirical research of the social research institute always uses the best possible statistical methods. In addition to all types of established statistical analyzes, infas regularly scans new academic developments, tests them and integrates them into the existing statistical portfolio. When using statistical methods, the question defines the statistical analysis and not vice versa.

A selection of statistical methods applied regularly at infas:

  • linear, ordinal, multinomial and logistic regression analyzes,
  • variance, factor and cluster analyzes,
  • mixed (hierarchical or multi-level) models,
  • effective analytical methods (matching methods, difference estimators, instrument variables),
  • structural equation modeling,
  • Small-area estimation methods.