Core Capabilities

The development of social science research at infas is an iterative, structured process with the aim of realizing the optimal study for the underlying problem in every respect.

When designing the concept, infas brings together experts from different disciplines. Sociologists, psychologists, business and economists, educators and statisticians are working together to develop solutions that cover all relevant aspects of the research subject.

The concepts developed by infas are then fully empirically tested. This exam includes both the answer to the question and the research methods.

We work with a special care. A simple adaptation of research instruments does not exist at infas. Each project is often scrutinized and reviewed by a multidisciplinary team from the first step to completion. This ensures that our studies withstand the critical review from different angles. In many cases, we have developed such innovative and surprising approaches to social science study topics. The result is research projects in which new research is done, unknowns are uncovered and future perspectives are developed.