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Living in work – Health factors of an aging workforce

The study examines the connection between gainful employment, aging and health. With two age cohorts (1959, 1965) by means of a longitudinal approach is to be observed how working conditions and burdens affect the health of older employees. The results shall provide a basis for the assessment of risks and opportunities with regard to the health of older employees in Germany and detect possible need for intervention.

The study “living in work” is carried out jointly by the universities of Wuppertal, Duisburg-Essen and Düsseldorf as well as the infas Institute for Applied Social Sciences. All participants work according to the legal regulations of data protection.


Panel approach with a sample of 6,600 employees subject to social security contributions. The survey is conducted by means of personal interviews (CAPI).



The lidA Cohort Study—a German Cohort Study on Work, Age, Health and Work Participation (International Journal of Epidemiology)

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University of Wuppertal

Project period

2009 - 2023


Health Research