Senior Citizens and Aging Research

German Aging Survey – Lifestyle, attitudes, needs and meaning structures of older people

The Aging Survey is a representative panel survey carried out in cooperation with the German Centre for Gerontology in Berlin. The Aging Survey is characterised in particular by the fact that it takes into account lifestyles and life contexts of older people from both a sociological and psychological perspective. On the one hand, it deals with the contents and structures of self and life conception, on the other hand with the conditions of the objective social situation and the thus resulting objective needs, the mobilisable resources as well as the concrete patterns of activity and participation


The basis of the German Aging Survey is a sample of individuals drawn from population registry offices in 290 representatively selected communities. The sample is stratified according to age group and sex, so that subsamples of approx. the same size are available for the three age groups 40-54, 55-69 and 70-85. The survey is conducted in two steps: The interview begins with a personal-oral part, followed by an additional written drop-off. The Aging Survey has regularly been repeated as a panel since 1994.


German Centre of Gerontology (DZA)

Project period

1994 - 2022


Senior Citizens and Aging Research
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