Age research and seniors research

The increasing number of elderly and very old people makes special demands on economic pensions, housing and transport services as well as social integration and health care.


Interviewing older and very old people is a methodological challenge that the infas Institute has been familiar with for many years. Infas conducts regular studies on aspects of aging with project partners and commissioners from various fields of senior, labor market or family policy:

  • empirical research on aging in transition,
  • Studies on the relationship between health and age,
  • research on attitudes towards middle-aged adults,
  • Studies on intergenerational support or family support in old age,
  • Surveys on externalization strategies of companies and their consequences for older workers,
  • Analyzes of basic security and social participation in old age,
  • research on education in old age,
  • Evaluations of supporting measures, for example, on needs-based basic provision for old age and for reduced earning capacity (GSiG).



Doris Hess
Head of Department Social Research
Tel. +49(0)228/38 22-413