Empirical youth research

Youth research sheds light on the development and environment of young people and young adults. The focus is on questions of qualification and preparation for later employment and adult roles as well as topics such as leisure, mobility and political participation.


The infas Institute also has extensive experience with surveys in the area of youth research and develops tailor-made survey instruments. In addition to state and federal government, infas works together with renowned clients such as the German Youth Institute, the Bertelsmann Foundation and numerous universities. For the National Education Panel (NEPS), infas conducts numerous extensive panel surveys with adolescents and young adults.

Our range of services in youth research includes:

  • recruitment and surveys of adolescents and young adults,
  • special survey instruments tailored to the target group,
  • longitudinal studies and panel surveys with adolescents and young adults,
  • Compliance with all legal and ethical requirements for the conduct of studies with adolescents.



Doris Hess
Head of Department Social Research
Tel. +49(0)228/38 22-413