Early childhood development studies

Early childhood development has a significant impact on the further biography of a human being. The influences and framework conditions that characterize the lives of toddlers, schoolchildren and adolescents are therefore a special field of research that presents researchers with specific methodological as well as data protection challenges.


infas is regularly entrusted with conducting empirical studies on child development. In longitudinal studies such as the National Education Panel (NEPS) and the DJI study "Growing up in Germany", infas carries out long-term panel surveys with small children and children.

Our range of services in child research includes:

  • recruitment and surveys with infants and children,
  • special survey instruments tailored to the target group,
  • (participatory) observation and equipment tests in infants and children,
  • longitudinal studies or panel surveys with infants and children,
  • secure control of co-operation with guardians or parents within the study,
  • Compliance with all legal and ethical requirements for the conduct of studies with children.



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