Market development

infas researches markets, customers and innovations with passion and identifies the preconditions for a company's success.


We deliver the knowledge for success by analysing markets, putting customer relationships to the test and identifying future requirements. In doing so, we secure company decisions and optimize marketing measures. Our findings are based on a diverse and solid research toolkit.

You want to understand the sometimes contradictory actions of your customers? You want to identify the true drivers of success in your business and have a hunch that these are often not the most obvious ones? The future of your company should be developed by analysing and assessing various influences?

Then you have come to the right place. We prefer exploring the reasons behind the supposedly simple connections. We provide a systematic standard for markets and players. We use both classical and unconventional research methods – according to the question. We listen attentively to the market and its players with our instruments and pay close attention to nuances.