Opinion research

Industry representatives and associations are dependent on knowing the opinions and attitudes of their target group and the population. They are expected to argue on the basis of facts. infas supplies the reliable data.

Everyone who wants to influence the public opinion or professional groups should be able to rely on a secure data basis. Representative data help to enforce arguments and to counteract positions of the opposition. An empirical study also reveals critical aspects and possible pitfalls in a given topic. In short: study results help to position oneself successfully and sustainably in public.

In this context, the absolute trustworthiness and resilience of data is of central importance. As one of the oldest empirical research institutes, infas has the scientific know-how and public reputation for reliable opinion studies. Federal and state ministries, universities and research institutes close to the federal state regularly rely on infas services – even with very complex and expensive investigations. Numerous non-profit organizations, foundations, associations and industry representatives also rely on infas when it comes to gathering opinions in the population in a reliable and meaningful way.

We picture the trend picture and question the motivations behind it. We ask the questions that in fact interest the public. Contact us to learn more about infas opinion research.

The infas opinion research regularly performs:

  • empirical studies on sentiment and opinion in the population – regional, national or international,
  • analyses of specific target groups, such as customers or organization members, based on empirical surveys,
  • acceptance checks and identification of opinion in the context of PR projects or arguments,
  • target group segmentation, for example according to sinus, but also according to topic-specific characteristics,
  • underpinning or refuting lines of argument based on empirical research.

The sister company infas 360 GmbH provides infas with a comprehensive stock of market and geo data. For infas studies in opinion research, survey data are combined with geo data, but also with customer data, if necessary for comprehensive analyses. This procedure enables micro-geographic evaluations.



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Managing Director
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