Methodology research and consulting

Since 1959 methodology research and consulting has been one of infas’s key field of activity. In addition to maintaining good practice and techniques, infas systematically develops and tests new survey methods for German and international social science.

Current questions of empirical social research require a continuous development of instruments. Today, they must be able to cover a variety of topics and target groups. Selectivity must be minimised in sampling and measurement, new ways to access target groups need to be found. Workable and financially feasible solutions are wanted. Mixed-mode surveys, multi-method approaches and the combination of quantitative and qualitative surveys (methodology triangulation) have considerable innovative potential. Complex survey designs and the view of increasingly specific target groups require advanced sampling techniques.

infas develops barrier-free surveys for empirical social research, ensures the inclusion of multiple languages and enables flexibly changing methodology within surveys. infas realises the integration of biometric measurements, implements record-linkage procedures and offers long-term solutions for panel stability in a world of digital communication.

Within the framework of methodology, infas also develops and tests all types of survey-related materials and presents innovative communication strategies for surveys (cover letters, consent to merge data, legally compliant panel consent, and incentive strategies).

Obtaining information for modern research also requires the development of adequate data protection solutions. infas offers solutions here as well – always up to date and compliant with German and European law.

infas continuously carries out basic research. In addition, the institute conducts preliminary studies, feasibility tests or scale tests for specific research projects.


Doris Hess
Head of Department Social Research
Tel. +49(0)228/38 22-413
Dr. Jacob Steinwede
Head of Department Social Research
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