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Customer Satisfaction Measurement in Public Transport

TRAM - More Customers by Bus and Train

The holistic instrument for measuring customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in public transport, taking into account the previous non-customers.


On the one hand, we provide comparable results to other measurements in public transport, and on the other hand, we also provide flexible additional packages that provide an individual view of details and a better understanding of the market.

Since 2012, infas has been offering TRAM a representative population survey tailored to public transport. Transport authorities, transport companies and associations as well as other public transport providers have the opportunity to determine the satisfaction of their customers as well as the perspective of non-customers. This not only provides data for your own supply room. Thanks to comparisons made nationwide so far, one's own results can be compared with results from other cities or structurally similar metropolitan regions.

Even direct comparisons with other providers who have already participated in TRAM help to better classify their own services.

However, TRAM is much more than a mere customer satisfaction measurement and already includes the following components in the basic package:

  • Measuring multimodality through standardized queries on the frequency of use of means of transport during the week,
  • Determining the image of public transport in general and your company or transport network in particular,
  • identification of potential and segmentation by a representative population survey in your service area,
  • Individual extension of the TRAM core questionnaire with your current questions.

TRAM is modern, modular and flexible. At the heart of TRAM is a standardized base module that enables stable time series and comparative analysis. In addition, you can add individual additional packages and thus set your own priorities. Based on our many years of project experience, we have developed numerous additional modules for the TRAM basic survey.