Staff and organization

infas Employee Survey

Employee motivation, loyalty and motivation contribute significantly to the company's success. Responsible management keeps an eye on these parameters - even in detail.

infas offers the right tool for this: The infas employee survey is a complete survey of the employees of a company, with which motivation, loyalty and willingness to perform can be precisely measured and analyzed.

The instrument captures the geography of the enterprise by differentiating and evaluating regional, organizational and hierarchical areas. The result is a comprehensive picture of the company as a whole and in detail. Unique for the status quo or continuously in a monitoring system.


The infas Employee Survey ™ answers typical questions such as:

  • Where do the employees think there is room for improvement in the work process?
  • What motivates employees to perform?
  • What is important for her and her work?
  • To what extent are the employees willing to change?

The main topics of employee surveys are essentially questions about satisfaction with:

  • the managers,
  • working conditions and processes,
  • corporate communications and information,
  • promotion and remuneration.

The infas approach to employee surveys goes beyond these issues by providing detailed insights into the motivational structure of employees. It is important to implement the various aspects of job satisfaction and motivation as indicators in the questionnaire so that the questions actually "measure" what is to be collected.

From an extensive questionnaire, infas can rely on standardized and valid questions in employee surveys, which are adapted to company-specific conditions. As a result, comparable key figures for motivation, loyalty, willingness to perform and customer orientation can be provided in employee surveys. These are suitable for use in target setting discussions or balanced score agreements.

Differentiation of the results

The infas Employee Survey ™ goes into depth: In addition to an overall overall evaluation, the employee survey provides a comprehensive overview of each organizational unit (department, area). Each department, work unit gets an individual evaluation. Nobody goes under in a superordinate overall evaluation. Through individual results analysis, the entire workforce feels addressed in the employee survey. In the interpretation of the results, the results are differentiated.

In the employee survey, infas considers the company-specific requirements with a questionnaire that can be adapted to the circumstances. It is suitable for corporations as well as for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The employee survey of infas can be used nationally or multilingual internationally.

Multimethod approach

As a rule, the employee survey will be conducted in writing, online, in person or in combination. The results of the research are differentiated in such a way that they remain unobjectionable under data protection law, but are small enough that every executive employee receives a tailor-made report in a timely manner. In addition, company-specific, internal benchmarks are shown in the employee survey. They serve to objectify and broaden the horizons of the employees by focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of their own department, but also of the company.

The implementation

The infas Employee Survey ™ is an efficient and fast research tool. It thus meets the expectations of the workforce. The response to an employee survey, such as the implementation of optimization programs, should be made without much delay following a survey. Only timely feedback is accepted by the participants. Within a few days, infas is able to produce several hundred individual result reports for the respective evaluation units in the company. At infas, this is an automated process that guarantees fast and quality-assured output at all levels.