Regional research

Some regions or metropolises are booming, others need to cope with declining populations – the resulting demands are equally challenging. With its expertise in urban and regional planning and careful empirical surveys, infas regional research helps to take the right steps for a prosperous future.


Urban and regional planning has a lot of challenges. While in booming areas last premises need to be mobilized for the onslaught, in structurally weak areas it is necessary to maintain the infrastructure with limited resources. In addition, the demands on real estate are changing, both in the population and in the commercial sector. For example through demographic change. Urban and regional planning must take into account the needs of an aging society while ignoring the interests of the young population.

Urban and regional planners, real estate and neighbourhood developers and construction committees must face structural change. In addition to technical aspects, the consideration of the population is crucial. Careful empirical research reveals the requirement of users and shows barriers as well as acceptance equally. infas helps to develop attractive projects, but also to avoid, for example, lengthy mediations or improvements.

infas regional research regularly conducts:

  • needs analysis regarding infrastructure and mobility for new development projects,
  • target group analyses and segmentations for real estate and neighbourhood projects,
  • potential and acceptance tests based on empirical studies for new housing concepts and new home automation (Smart Home),
  • execution of qualified and reliable rent levels.

The sister company infas 360 GmbH provides infas with a comprehensive stock of market and geo data. For infas studies in regional research, survey data are combined with geo data as well as with customer data for cross-departmental analyses. This procedure enables micro-geographic evaluations and regional location and mobility analyses.