Social security

In the field of social policy and social security, infas has been carrying out studies, and in particular evaluations, for many years and compiling expert reports.

In a social market economy, social policy is the social safety net of the community, with which individual and collective risks are reduced or their consequences diminished. This subsidiary social insurance includes unemployment insurance (SGB III), basic security for the workforce (SGB II), basic security for the elderly and the disabled (SGB XII), pension and accident insurance (SGB VII/SGB VI), health insurance (SGB V), youth welfare (SGB VIII), and the instruments of participation of disabled people in society and working life (SGB IX).

The topics covered in social security include:

  • studies and evaluations on labour market policy and basic security for the workforce,
  • basic security in old age and reduced earning capacity,
  • investigations and evaluations on the participation of disabled people in working life,
  • remaining examinations and impact analyses for occupational rehabilitation,
  • experimental study designs for impact analyses,
  • social and occupational inclusion of disabled people.



Doris Hess
Head of Department Social Research
Tel. +49(0)228/38 22-413