Health care and health research

Healthcare research plays a crucial role in the further development of the health care system. infas’s health research offers a wide range of services.


Medical-technical progress, demographic change and the disproportionately increasing revenue base of the statutory health insurance force a concentration on scientifically evaluated, effective and efficient care structures.

infas offers meaningful empirical research – be it on health care aspects, new development, implementation and evaluation of model concepts, or reviewing the impact of measures under everyday conditions. infas also offers tailor-made support for innovation fund projects.

infas can draw on extensive experience in areas such as:

  • surveys of doctors, patients and insured persons,
  • preparation and analysis of process and administrative data,
  • evaluation of disease management programmes (DMP) (diabetes mellitus, breast cancer, coronary heart disease, bronchial asthma, COPD),
  • impact analysis on interventions and therapies,
  • patient/user evaluation of health services,
  • combining data from different sources for complex analysis and geocoding for small-scale regional analyses.



Doris Hess
Head of Department Social Research
Tel. +49(0)228/38 22-413
Dr. Jacob Steinwede
Head of Department Social Research
+49(0)228/38 22-408