Health services research plays a decisive role for advancing the health care system.

Progress in medical technology, demographic change and the subproportionally increasing source of revenues of statutory health insurance force focussing on scientifically evaluated, effective and efficient structures of health services.

infas health research provides a wide variety of services to answer corresponding questions – e.g. describing and explaining the provision of health services; developing new, implementing and evaluating model concepts or scrutinising the impact of measures upon the terms of daily routine. Amongst other things, infas can rely on broad experience in the following fields:

  • Surveys with physicians, patients and insurants: from interviewing 20,000 physicians about the health system's structures to surveying the patients' satisfaction after specific surgery up to population representative studies on health behaviour.
  • Edition and analysis of process and administrative data: whether for health reporting, evaluating disease management programmes (DMP), integrated health care and elective tariffs or for analysing diagnosis related groups (DRG) – prompt and reliable analyses of process data are indispensable nowadays.
  • Merging data from different sources.
  • Geocoding and micro-scale regional analyses: health care provision takes place on-site. For planning and the provision of optimum structures of health care infas can thus provide micro-scale regional analyses – broken down into the level of more than 1.6 million street sections in Germany. 

infas can, however, even render support with regard to other questions all about the subjects "health" and "health care system". The offer within the public health sector ranges from employee surveys for employers to member surveys for organisations up to epidemiologically-oriented scientific questions.

Different infas research departments collaborate closely due to multidisciplinary questions and methodological variety. If need be we can fall back on a broad network of topically highly sophisticated cooperation partners. All projects have in common that they are being conducted with specific methodological care with highly substantive commitment at the same time. Among our clients are governmental departments, international organisations, and health care providers in the public health sector, scientific and public institutions, organisations and private customers.

From A to Z - infas can make tailor-made offers for all protagonists in the sector of public health or its organisations:

  • physicians
  • drug stores
  • drug makers
  • public authorities
  • providers of therapeutic measures
  • manufacturers of medical supplies
  • institutions
  • hospitals
  • health insurance companies
  • governmental departments
  • patients
  • universities
  • consumers
  • insurants
  • dentists


Doris Hess
Head of Department Social Research
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Dr. Helmut Schröder
Head of Department Social Research
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