Career Research on the Changing World of Work

In vocational research, infas has continuously monitored the changing world of work in recent decades with social science studies for science, politics, trade unions and companies.

Economic framework conditions, technical innovations and adjustments to work organization are changing the working conditions and activities of the working population. This change is usually creeping and unspectacular. It becomes obvious when new professions emerge, labor supply is not covered by the offer or working conditions collide with the interests of the employees.

The range of services of infas in occupational research ranges from national and international studies on the economic situation of employees, to issues of working time, quality of work and job security. Also in focus are issues of equality in professional life and inclusion of special or disadvantaged groups of workers. Occupational health studies examine questions of workload, health and safety at work. Vocational research is closely linked to education, lifelong learning and health.

For example, in the field of career research and the changing world of work, infas is active in the following areas:

  • studies on the use of technology and changed requirements for activities and qualifications,
  • Studies on the employment situation of older workers and ways to retirement,
  • studies on the health (somatic and mental) effects of workloads,
  • operational measures to promote qualifications and occupational safety,
  • occupational inclusion of disadvantaged employee groups.


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