Company Surveys and Factory Surveys

infas has many years of experience with company and factory surveys. In this field, communication and access strategies are very important.

Entrepreneurship is a broad field for different research disciplines. Industrial sociological questions on innovation behavior, technical change or the use of information technologies are just as important as human resource issues, such as the use of human resources in specific sectors or the minimum wage. Vocational training policy topics are also examined, for example the need for qualification and the cost-benefit assessment of companies for vocational education and training.

Company and factory surveys must combine a variety of access strategies and survey methods. The selection of an adequate sample and the selection-free access to informable contact persons in the companies decide on the success of the field. For departmental research institutes, universities and companies, infas offers complete empirical studies or individual field services.

Company and factory surveys are carried out by infas in different contexts:

  • studies on the innovation behavior of the German economy,
  • surveys on the use of information and telecommunication technologies,
  • surveys on (industry-specific) personnel deployment, - studies on the minimum wage in selected sectors, - cost and benefit analyzes of in-company training and further education,
  • Analyzes of professional qualification requirements,
  • Skills shortage studies.


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