Labor Market Research and Labor Market Policy

Within the scope of labor market policy, infas has many years of experience in research and consulting. Together with partners from science, politics and administration, infas carries out regular surveys on this topic.

In the labor market different actors meet: companies with a need for workers, workers looking for employment and organizations that mediate between the two sides of the market and offer assistance. These actors not only pursue different goals and interests, they also have different scope for action, restrictions and legal framework conditions.

Studies that infas conducts regularly in labor market research:

  • surveys on labor demand and labor market flexibility,
  • integration of different population groups in the labor market,
  • Studies on the situation and reintegration of (long-term) unemployed and jobseekers (differential unemployment research),
  • research and analysis on the impact of labor market policy instruments and delivery strategies;
  • Evaluation of state support and integration offers for the unemployed, young professionals, rehabilitants and migrants,
  • studies for the promotion of continuing vocational training and transfer payments,
  • Evaluations of the effectiveness of business start-up offers,
  • Studies on the restructuring and performance of placement organizations such as employment agencies, job centers or the Federal Employment Agency.


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