Studies on Quality of Work, Occupational Safety and Health of Workers

Research on ensuring quality of work and prevention, as well as employee representation in the workplace, has a long tradition at infas. Infas has carried out surveys in companies and employees since 1963.

Quality of work and health and safety are the fundamental concerns of workers, companies and their respective interest groups. "Good" and "healthy" work is not only in the self-interest of the employees. It also ensures the operations and motivation of the workforce. Companies providing appropriate working conditions have higher productivity and profitability over the longer term. From an economic point of view, human resources and economic strength are being strengthened.

The humanization of the world of work in the 1970s and 1980s focused on issues of working conditions, indicators of job satisfaction and changes in the political consciousness of workers. At present, the focus is on issues of workload and the impact of working conditions on workers' mental health (risk assessment) and on early retirement. The range of research carried out by infas on behalf of scientific and medical institutions, ministries and interest groups includes:

  • Cross-sectional and longitudinal surveys of workers on the basis of representative samples,
  • Interviewing employees in companies and public organizations,
  • Epidemiological studies on the relationship between working conditions, workloads and health restrictions,
  • Member surveys for trade unions, associations or chambers of labor,,
  • Repeat measurements on quality of work,
  • Surveys of works councils.


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